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X-Alps 2005

The mission is simple. Cross the alps from the Dachstein glacier 
to the beach of Monaco either hiking or paragliding.




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G’freit mi, dass’d vorbeischaugst, i werd da a wengerl wos vo ins verzäihn. Und weil’s ned nur Preissn gibt, de wos nix vastengan sondern a no andere Leid gibt, de wo neigierig san, machmer glei sakrisch in Englisch weida!                                

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Red Bull X-Alps 2005 is over


The most crucial factor weather didn’t show any mercy. Heavy rain, clouded mountains, strong winds and even snow on the highest passes of the alps made this race cruel and more despiteous to the athletes than ever. A permanent mental strenght was required not to give in and in the end simply the serious sense of humour conserved Team Ger I from suicide. Nevertheless this adventure was worth the pain and blisters while being once with yourselve and with nature became apparent every single day. The worst scenario of the ratio between flying and walking with more than 50% of walking became plain truth!
Finally I missed the personally goal flying to the beach of Monaco. So what is the logical conclusion? Well, I’d enjoyed every single second of the race! I didn’t mind walking, this is part of the race, and finding some new tracks in the alps is always an excitement. Flying in conditions, that are definitly not made for paragliding gained an extra kick of adrenalin, which helped to stay awake even with less than three hours of sleeping á day during the race. Phone calles, visits, e-mails and SMS’s from friends all over the world with encouraging ‘die hard slogans’ kept me thinking positive all the way through without any negative vibrations. Last but not least walking with Käschpi, Alex and Michael was a pleasure, joined with a good beer became an experience I don’t want to miss!
Swearing never ever participating in X-Alps once more is an illusion…the show might going on.

Thanks to Gore Tex and the Windstopper brand for a helpful and required sponsorship, thanks to Gin Gliders creating a perfect flying tool, the Boomerang 4 (which was also easy to carry), thanks to Aerosport and their Team for all bits and pieces for being airborne, thanks to Sup Aire providing the most lightweight harness, thanks to Max and his amazing Blueye glasses (and the delicious double vision beer), thanks to Parl Reinhold for the professional updating of the Aerosport homepage, thanks to Gerald Helwig for branding the glider and Team-bus, special thanks to Jana not just for updating the Red Bull diary with the right sense of humour next taking care of our kids, moreover for giving me a strong backing for my foolish behaviour during the race and last but not least a big hug to Hansi, who already knew me from the last x-alps and still being always on my side at anytime of the race.
15.08.2005 The race is over


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The race is over. Stefan Bocks and Michael Gebert together on Col de Vars at 2600 m 15.08. 11.00 am
Both say a big THANK YOU you to their supporters and everybody else who helped them.


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last picture from X-Alps 2005

The race is over. Stefan Bocks and Michael Gebert together on Col de Vars at 2600 m 15.08. 11.00 am


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Boxi at 14.08.2005, 23:16

Monaco can't be taken by storm...

This morning I got up at 7 am to take the last chance to reach Monaco. After four hours of sleep in the van close to Guillestre I started hiking up the Col du Vars. Arriving there at 11 am. the first gusts of wind were going through, it didn't look very promising.From the Col de Vars I went to a perfect launch in the east of the Col. As I came there at 12.30 it already was too windy to even think about flying. I hoped the conditions would improve, so I waited. And waited. And waited...Six hours at a perfect take off for a nice flight to Monaco, but any hope of reaching it was blown away by the wind - have a look at my videos. And trying to reach Monaco hiking was not possible - too far away without the possibility to fly!
The wind was even getting stronger later in the day. Hansi and me were able to watch sailplanes flying above the lenticular clouds at about 6000m. When I went down from the take off to the Col the visibility deteriorated and lots of dust was blown away by the storm. Even the plastic chairs at the restaurant were blown away in the storm.
Tonight I will not hike until dawn! I want to be at least fit for the X-Alps party tomorrow!!!

SeeYa at the party tomorrow!!!

14.08.05, 12.30  Last chance to reach Monaco after a disastrous day yesterday.

I had a few hours of sleep only, but a good breakfast with croissants and toast. Again and again I am considering the circumstances, which put me from position three further back. I am thinking about the purpose and the sense of a race like this and the meaning of it to myself. In this particular race I never found a flowing pattern and I think this could be also true for some of the others.

The weather conditions were extremely frustrating and the time pressure (that you have to arrive within 48 hours in goal after the first athlete) is heavy. It is one of the general rules, but in this race it puts an extra burden on all of us. We all hiked often more than a marathon a day with a backpack and little chances to make good distance in flight.

I already feel sorry for those of us who have given their best and risked their health and will be 5 km from Monaco tomorrow morning (not knowing whether I will among these athletes as well).

After my injury 4 weeks before the start of the race, I was not sure how much stress I can put on my ancle. Now after all that I have gone through my ancle is not swollen anymore and does not give me pain. It is a miracle!

It does not make a big difference to me arriving in Monaco in position four, five or six. I just want to get there in time. Please keep your fingers crossed and send me good vibrations and excellent thermals in your wishes!

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Perfect take off, but way too much wind 14.08  14.08.05

1 hour to take off

2 hours to take off

Bravo Urs



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Here’s Stefan Bocks at 8:00 am on 13th of August:

“Va Beni, Va Beni. I like it in Italy, good coffee here. It’s the same way I did two years ago. The col with the lake on the top which I crossed yesterday. In 15 km, if I follow the road I will be in Briancon, I started at 7:00 am. I wanted to start earlier, but I was too tired. Now I look for a nice hill, there is a point at 2170M. I want to be there on time. The wind seems to be very strong from the west today, so that might be better for the guys in the west. Ciao.”

The forecast for today looks good, possibly deteriorating on Sunday, so the race may also now be against the weather, not just the clock. -Will Gadd, on the way up Mt. Gros to watch Alex fly off.

Will Gadd reports later at 15.57:

Stefan Bocks had a good morning that went bad this afternoon. He got stuck in a valley to the east of Barcelonette, landed and had to hike the same very long way back up to launch. I reached him and he said, “Ah shit, hell here! I bombed out. This is not really nice. I am waiting until the sun comes out, but I am in the shadow now, and there is a strong headwind. But I try again, I can always walk up this mountain a few more times!” Stefan then asks about the others, and says, “Please send many greetings to Alex, excellent job! And put a beer in the refrigerator for me please, I am coming!” I am always amazed at the positive attitude of all the competitors, it just can’t be all that much fun to have walked up the same mountain twice in one day, with the goal in Monaco so close. But Bocks is still positive, that’s some serious mental toughness. Go Stefan!

Boxi at 22.30, still walking:

The drama!
I had the feeling that choosing this far eastern route could have been the wrong decision when I got up this morning. There was strong westerly wind and I was in the middle of big mountains, depending on strong thermals to be able to progress against this head wind. From the place where we stayed the night on 1300m I hiked up to 2600 m north of the skiing resort of Sestrieres. I launched and found myself down at 1600 m five minutes later, landed and went up to the same take off I was hours before. Arriving there everything was in shadow and I used the time to sleep a bit. The hikes were quite exhausting. When I woke up, it was still shady, but I could not wait any longer and took off again. I managed to fly to the Col de Mont Genevre and found fairly good thermals, that took me up to the height of the pass but unfortunately not over it. So I had to land before the Col. To take off again was very difficult with side wind and it took me two attempts. I had to walk up again two times, landing at the hillside twice in very difficult terrain. Finally I made a good start and got the last lift to 3000m at eight o'clock - too late for a big flight but (to pull something positive out of the day), it was a beautiful flight into the sinking sun.
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 Quicktime movie 1. view video

Here’s Stefan Bocks at 8:00 am on 13th of August

Wild Mountains and wind 19.54 13.08.05

Mollieres in the morning

Best Italian Cappucino

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12.08.2005 23:33

The Final Countdown

This morning Käschpi and me headed up to the mountain west of Chamonix - La Aiguilette. From there we glided down the valley to the south of us. Another hike up, I was still together with Kaspar - to Mt. Joly. From there our routes separated - I had a good thermic flight almost up to Val d'Isere, past the glacier Tre-la-tete, then north of Bourg St. Maurice and west of the Aigle Rouge...a breathtaking flight! Before Val d'Isere I landed at the side of the mountain and hiked up another 500 hm. I flew over Val d'Isere and the Colle d'Iseran, where the west wind was too strong to continue, so I had to land in the valley. As it was already 6 pm, I hurried up to the Col de la Mt.Cenis. It was a race against the time. With very big effort I arrived at the top and launched at quarter to nine. Very nice thermals at that time, but I had to ignore them and just flew straight down to the valley as I ran out of time - flying during the X-Alps competition is only allowed until 30 min. after sunse. This is the normal rule for every pilot who flies without night navigation instruments. I landed in Italy! Now I´m heading back towards La France facing another night of hiking. It is almost midnight and I still have 157 km to go - hopefully most of it in flight - to reach the goal at the beach in Monaco ...

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Antonio Vivaldi The Four Seasons
Janine Jansen

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Mount Joly 12.08 10.23 am

Early morning flight 12.08. 8.00 am

Mont Blanc 12.08.05  6.15 am

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11.08.2005, 22:52

Vive la France !

After a horrendous hike until 3 am today with a finish on a 14 km straight runway, I was glad having survived this part of the X-Alps: Stupid youngsters testing daddy's horsepowers in the rain at dark... In Martiny I slept in our van. Today I hiked up the Col de la Forclaz, a short glide down followed. Another hike up to the Col de la Balme. I was in a hurry, the weather was getting worse and there was just enough sight to launch when I arrived there. Then a glide down to Argentiere. In the centre of Chamonix we were racing hard in the 2005`tour de fress... After letting all the tourists behind, we stumbled from a crepe booth into a cafe and later on had to thin down the cafe au lait with a bierre grande... After 5 km of hiking and all these liquids in me and coming out of the clouds I had to get something solid: dinner stop in the van with spaghetti!


This night we wanted to stay in the Hotel Prarion up on the mountain, but unfortunately it was fully booked, so we finished hiking for today and stay in the van at Les Chavants.


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Hiking near Chamonix

Two hikers on day 11

Lunch on day 11

Col de La Forclaz

Day 11 hiking in the rain again

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10.08.2005 22:57

Another day in paradise

This day 2 in one of the world's finest paragliding spots- and flying is what we have come here for! Still together with Käschpi I hiked through the night until 3 in the morning, slept for two hours, got up at 5. Started hiking up to the take off at Crans Montana. We at least wanted to give it a try! The path up the mountain was spectacular and we really enjoyed it. Arriving on top, the local paragliding school was already there to give us some tips for the area. At about midday we launched, didn't find lift, landed again and had to walk up 700 hm again. Then another try. It was already very windy, the thermals were blown sideways. On the east side we could find good thermals, but as we came to the crest the wind was blowing us backwards with 40 km/h. Going backwards we came closer to the control zone, so to avoid getting into it, we had to land 400m above the valley floor and walk down the to the bottom again. In Sion we had something to eat and drank a beer celebrating our safe landing. Now we are back -scratching with the chickens, hiking towards Martigny, hoping for better conditions...

Stefan Bocks walking towards Martigny , interview by Will Gadd at10.08.05 21.30:
“Käschpi and I are just starting to hike now after a good glass of beer. We will walk towards Martigny. Anyhow we have waited for more than one week for good weather and now we have sun but the wind is hell. I was blown backwards at 40 km/h today! It was really horrible. Käschpi had the same experience. We launched and went into the east (lee) side and got a good 7 m/sec. thermal. We knew that something will happen at the top of the thermal and it did - we got blown backwards. No chance to go further to the west. As long as you stayed in the lee side it was OK, but flying above 2500 m was horrible. We tried to stay low, out of the wind, but we flew for hours and only made 15 km. ”

How does X-Alps 2005 compare to X-Alps 2003?

Bocks: “It’s not comparable. I can’t remember a good flying day since this race started! I don’t know if I have flown more than 30 km useful distance at any of these days! It’s not normal conditions. It is uncommon for August and for the area here.”

What is your plan for the rest of the race?

Bocks: “Everybody wants to go to Monaco, so that’s why we keep going. As long as you take it with humor it’s OK. I am using my holidays for this event, so I want to enjoy it. Even while walking I try to see the good things. It’s not finished yet. You never know... For Alex it’s pretty clear he will make it. I might have to ring him up 20 km before Monte Gros and ask him to wait for the others to come into goal as well! “ Laughter...

What do you think about while walking?

Bocks: “We get lots of phone calls, SMS, during every day here it’s nice to have the other guys watching you, taking care of us and wishing us the best. The walking is safe, but the flying for the last three days: well - it was always a good feeling to be on the ground again after these flights!”

Many athletes on course walked 50 km or more today. Yet again, on day ten of the race. I really don’t know how to put that into perspective — it’s more than a marathon a day, with a pack, over passes, in really tough terrain. As I write this ten of the remaining 14 athletes are still walking into the night.

ROLLING STONES LIVE LICKS And today before the flight:

Todays music


"Start Me Up" listen
KEITH JARRETT PARIS CONCERT Something for the long hikes:


"The Wind" listen


Local Newspaper report....

 Quicktime movie 1. view video

Arrival at Martigny 11.08 2.15 am

Walk into the night near Martigny

After such a flight a beer is mandatory

Und täglich grüsst das Murmeltier

Sometimes I find real nice tracks in the mountains

good morning

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Trapped in a paraglider's paradise

After a good breakfast I went to the Kühboden take off, well refreshed and looking for a flight, that would push me further. Very soon after having crossed the Aletsch glacier it was clear, that it would not be easy to fly far. Kaspar, who was with me at that time, top landed on the other side of the Aletsch valley and watched me for half an hour if I could stay up or not. He took off again and together we headed on to the west. At the next ridge, Visp was to our left, there was no chance to move any further down the valley, so I changed my plan and flew back towards Brig to try to soar up a west facing ridge. I could not make enough altitude and was forced to land in Brig. I planned to hike up to the take off at Rosswald because this place is known to be a good spot for a flight late in the day. My supporter Hans was on his way up to the regular take off with all my warm clothes in the van, but I found a fairly good place to launch half an hour before. I had no time to lose so I took off in T-Shirt and Shorts. Thermalling up to 2600m it was damned cold and I was glad, that I already have two children... But moving further to the west again was impossible, the headwind simply was too strong, about 30-40 km/h! So I landed another time in Brig on the same spot where I stood hours before and decided that there was only one thing left to do: go west man, keep on hiking!


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Carpe diem... et fruere vitam

Wellness hotel at Kühboden

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08.08.2005   22:07  

Wild Winds And Wild Animals

Yesterday it took me 5 hours to hike up the Oberalp pass from Disentis after having dried my glider. I was hiking with Käschpi again and we arrived at 4 am on the pass in 2 inches of fresh snow. What a contrast to the cosy atmosphere of the hotel room up on Kühboden, the take off above Fiesch, that I enjoy tonight!
What happened today? After breakfast Käschpi and I launched from the Oberalp pass. Five kilometers later Käschpi stood on the ground again after a crash, that he luckily walked away from without injuries. I was lucky to arrive about 50 m higher at the ridge west of Andermatt and found some thermals that allowed me to fly up to the Furka pass. Arriving there I had to land just before the col in very turbulent air. A situation where you aim for a spot to put your feet on the ground and one second later you find yourself 50m away from it. I happily shouted a song when I had flown across the Furka pass and was going up well in a big thermal. But that was too early! The Grimsel snake, a cloud formation and meteorological phenomenon, which is typical for the strong northerly wind situation we had today, lingered above the Grimsel pass -it's home- and waited for me to catch me. I started out from my thermal behind the Furka pass at 3000m, but as I came close, the snake swallowed me, sucked me down and spit me out in the Obergoms 2000m lower. The outcome was simple: I had to hike up a damned steep mountain again -Ulrichener Galen- to get another start. Finally I was lucky and landed halfway up the Kühboden, which is the launch above Fiesch, one of the best take off sites in the Alps for big XC-flights. And well, now I am sitting there since 8 pm eating Älplermaccaroni, washing my dirty laundry and having a relaxed evening. It feels very strange after 8 days in this competition not to be hiking until after midnight, but I know that I can use a fill up of my energy tank for the second half of the Red Bull X-Alps very well...

When I was flying today I thought I heard Alex say: Como On Over
Ok Alex, I'll try hard, there are a few more good flying days ahead of us...

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Come On Over

"Come On Over" listen


 Quicktime movie 1. view video- Quicktime movie 2. view video

Good food and enough of it is very important. Wellness hotel at Kühboden take off above Fiesch

Team Germany 1 together with Team Swiss 1 having breakfast at Monday morning 9.00 am at the Oberalp Pass

Boxi and Käschpi hiking together in the rain

Boxi preparing for Take Off when the weather was still warm

Bocks always in good mood

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06.08./ 07.08.2005 Jonathan seagulls' endless march

This morning I had the chance to watch how the other teams are proceeding while I was drinking a coffee at the paragliding school at Flims. Watching the athletes racing hard is so fascinating that I had to remind myself that I am one of them and in the middle of the race. Afterwards I managed to launch despite the strong wind and made a short flight over Ilanz. At noon I happened to walk right through a helicopter festival and I asked myself why I am all the time confronted with aireal events - one day clay birds, the next day helicopters - when will our turn come to really fly in this competition!!?
I gave it a try again in the late afternoon and walked up 300m at the lee side of the valley and glided down, which saved me a bit of hiking but was not really worth the effort as I had to hang up my glider in the train station of Disentis and wait for it to dry. I plan to make it up to the Oberalp pass tonight, but my calculations told me, that I will not be able to glide down into the valley of Andermatt before dark.
Because it was a long hike again today and you need a lot of good music to stay in good mood, I give you two albums today:
Soundtrack from Clockwork Orange Todays music (chapel/album/title):

Soundtrack from

"Singin' In The Rain" listen
U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind
All That You Can't Leave Behind
Walk On

"Walk On" listen


Someting to train your Swiss German: Asphalt cowboy Alex comments the nice hike on the road. - Quicktime movie 1. view videoAnother comment of the day: Why  am I always confronted with flying machines? - Quicktime movie 2. view video

Drying my glider in the train station of Disentis

Real junk food - not only in Hansis eyes

Coffee break at the paragliding school in Flims. Watching the race like you do! It's so fascinating I almost forgot, to Walk On!

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05./06.08.05 The Kilometers don't go down easy

Flying like a clay bird
Alex and I hiked to Gargellen until 2.30 in the morning. We slept a few hours and then hiked up the pass between Gargellen and St. Antönier. Alex gave me two sausages from his lunch packet, a welcome change from the vegetarian sandwich spread on the bread my supporter Hans prepared for me. This pass is the border to Switzerland. I launched below the pass into the north-westerly wind at 11.30 but had to land again soon after a short flight. Fortunately I met Alex' helpful supporter who also gave me some food and drink: cereal bars and water. I took off a second time and flew the left route towards Landquart other than Alex who went more to the right and found much better conditions. This was the key for the longer distance he covered today in this race. Right now he has pulled away about 20 km from me, quite a good distance on a day with poor conditions like that and at least 4 hrs. worth of hiking. Or was it because I had forgotten my Blue Eye sunglasses? I landed near Landquart in the middle of a clay bird shooting range. All around me I heard the gun fire but didn't see anybody. Fortunately the riflemen were wearing the right glasses and did not confuse me with their clay bird targets, although I truly felt like one. I hiked on, up the Rhine valley towards Chur. My hike since then was only interrupted by a beer break with my friends Bleimi and Mark, who came to visit me and a coffee break with Maja (Kaspar Henny's supporter in Red Bull X-Alps 2003). A friendly swiss guy stopped his car when he was driving past me and offered me a ride.
What a temptation!

Steve Miller Band Todays music (chapel/album/title):

- at least, that's what I was dreaming of -
"Fly Like An Eagle" / Steve Miller Band

 Fly Like An Eagle listen

St.Antönier pass - Quicktime movie 1. view videoThe MMS Camera - or "how does this thing work" - Quicktime movie 2. view video
Wake up call - Quicktime movie 3. view video

A red eyed monster, that's what you look like, when you forget your Blue Eye sunglasses

06.08. 19.41 Having a beer and a break with my friends Bleimi, Mark and Hans, the best supporter in X-Alps - maybe except for his vegetarian sandwich spread

06.08. 10.41 Alex and Boxi: sausages for the second breakfast

06.08. 10.30 The St.Antönier Pass

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04/05.08.05 First turnpoint Zugspitze

Heavy duty ( wuid is! )

After hiking to Scharnitz yesterday and from there on to Mittenwald I was REALLY fed up with walking on asphalt, so I decided to make a sharp turn left and hiked up the mountain. I managed to fly over the Partnachklamm, where it was already raining and landed at the end of the gorge. This time it was my turn to forget the torch -stupid- I barely made it in the twilight to the Knorrhütte. Then I realized that I had forgotten my money too. More stupid! Spaghetti bolognese are never as good as on tick... In the meantime the glider dried in the guestroom. Good night!
Next morning at five o´clock I tried to find the ascent to the peak but could not find it at first and while crossing a snowfield I slipped, dropped and slid down getting faster and faster. I thought -etz geht´s dahi!!!- but in a ditch I came to a lucky stop. On my second attempt I found the right path and reached the summit. I first tried a reverse launch in the rocks, but a friendly tourist wanted "to save my life" and catched my gliders wingtip. Ok, the second attempt to launch was easy and a fantastic early morning glide along the west face of Zugspitze with a landing at the Marienbergalm followed. I top landed there and then had to cross the worst coniferocious field  (wild mountain cripple pine or Latschn) of my lifetime. I hopped like a crazy man through the thicked of trees and had the needles and sap sticking everywhere, even in in my underpants. Got angry, hit my expensive super lightweight carbon stick so hard on the ground that a piece broke off. The backpack was torn, but fortunately I found a fairly good spot to launch in crosswind. I was lifted up and got immediately pushed back into the arms of my good friends, d' Latschn, a stinging hug and I finally was airborne! Good thermals up until Hochimst, where I landed on the ski-run and tore my airbag protector (nightshift work for my seamstress Hansi!) Then I hiked up to the top in Hochimst. There I met up with Käschpi and Alex  and together we flew on. Short before Ischgl I landed, hiked through Galtür up to the reservoir and on to the Zeinisjoch. Alex and I found a place to take off, but there was an electric cable in our way. Anyhow- we had to launch! Now we are here in Gaschurn, enjoying a cold beer and planning the route for tonights nightshift...

The Commodores Ultimate Collection
The Commodores Ultimate Collection (Remaster) "Nightshift"
It's so nice, but no sound available -everybody knows it anyway-,  so I choose another title also by the Commodores together with their friend Lionel Richie:
Lionel Richie & the Commodores Todays music (chapel/album/title):

The Definitive Collection
Lionel Richie & the Commodores
"Flying High"

Flying High listen

'Spagbol and a "Hoibe" at the Knorrhütte at 21.16, but no money to pay' - click to enlarge

Looking down the Partnach Klamm from my landing "field" - click to enlarge

'In flight '  - click to enlarge

'On the way to the Wettersteinhaus'  - click to enlarge

'The Wettersteinhaus with a nice take off ' - click to enlarge

Google eart - view track

get google earth

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03.08.05 Day 3 hiking up the Vomper Loch

X-Alps extreme!
Last night's nightshift was a hike through the Vomper Loch (the hole of Vomp, a devilish hiking trail). It was a real experience, you should go and check it out!
For those who follow: take a torch, a map and a good friend! I was hiking with my friend Konstantin -another welcome surprise- on this very impressive route and now I can say my foot passed the test!!! We met Käschpi and Alex who were totally exhausted because they had forgotten their torches and -without any sight on this surprising route- were forced to bivouac in the Vomper Loch. Arriving at the Halleranger Alm at 1 am the landlady didn´t want to walk down naked to give us a room, so we had to stay in the mattress camp. We had a good night rest in filthy felt blankets together with two lesbians from Holland...
After a good breakfast with fried eggs Käschpi and Alex arrived. Guess what Alex wears underneath his raincoat?
Weight optimized underwear...
Now we are heading on to Scharnitz, passing the upper Isar which I remember very well from kayaking, years ago! What would I give for a cold and wet ride right now...
... Seeya guys.

Johnny Cash "The Man Comes Around" Todays music (chapel/album/title):

Johnny Cash
"The Man Comes Around"

The Man Comes Around listen


more fotos...  'Andy in the Vomper hole: "it's crazy one wrong step and you're gone."' - click to enlarge 'Or should I rather go Kayaking?' - click to enlarge 'The Mystic Mani' - click to enlarge

'hiking up the Vomper Loch '  - click to enlarge

'The upper Isar river'  - click to enlarge

After our filling breakfast Käschpi and Alex arrive:they had: 1) a map 2) a good friend 3) but n o torch

'Überschalljoch - the Supersonic Pass - at 1.00 am' - click to enlarge

click to enlarge

02.08.05 Day 2 flying

I managed to make two flights today and covered some good distance, mainly by hiking however.
My first flight from the Buchensteinwand took me over to the Wilder Kaiser mountains (wild emporer in English, a really wild and rocky mountain range).

Then I hiked up the "Koasa" to a steep launch below the rocks, but it was too late already and a katabatic wind was blowing.
A tricky launch: inflating my Boomerang 4 against the rocks, turning around quickly to glide down only without a single beep on the vario. My competitors Andy and Michael havn't been luckier with their flights from Hohe Salve as I heard later. I was back on the busy road full with trucks hiking towards the Ski resort of Söll, where I met up with my wife Jana and my kids for a break and some food. Later on, it was close to midnight already, I was surprised by a group of friends.

Uli Strasser, "Gsinnei", Harry and Hans from Aerosport, one of my sponsors came to join me on my hike for some kilometers. It feels good to know to have the mental support of friends. Looking at the wether and my feet, Uli seemed not to be unhappy about the fact, that he wasn't choosen by Red Bull as a competitor for X-Alps as well. So far it is a hiking competition and I am looking forward for the flying part to really be able to chase Urs, who is in the lead. Hiking he is about 10 hrs. in front of me, but in a flight his position could be only two thermals away. I am in good mood and look forward for the flying days... Seeya guys.

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"In the Sky I am walking" music by native Americans and Karlheinz Stockhausen

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' Boxi hiking towards Wörgl with his friends Harry and Uli '  - click to enlarge

Boxi hiking towards Wörgl with his friends Harry and Uli (in the centre) at 02.08. 23.30hrs.

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